Friday, 14 August 2015

Access your data in near-real time for seamless integration

vStorm Enterprise

Access your data in near-real time for seamless integration

Veristorm’s vStorm Enterprise software brings near-real-time access to z/OS data so you can break mainframe quarantine and integrate your data across your IT infrastructure. With fast, self-service access to data, data analysts can bypass ETL in favor of Extract-Hadoop-Transform. You can copy z/OS data from: 
  • DB2
  • VSAM
  • IMS
  • Sequential files
  • System log files
  • Operator log files
It alleviates the need for SQL extracts, ETL consulting engagements with simple “point and click” data movement from z/OS to HDFS. EBCDIC code page and BCD issues are handled in-flight without MIPS costs, and users avoid the complexity of COBOL copybooks and the security risks, compliance challenges and delays of offloading data.
The vStorm Enterprise software can output to the destination of your choice:
  • Linux on System z
  • Distributed Hadoop, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and BigInsights
  • Linux servers
  • High Performance Computing appliances, like Scalable Informatics
  • zDoop, our validated Hadoop on System z distribution, which also enables Hive


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