Friday, 14 August 2015

SUSE and Veristorm bring Hadoop to IBM Power Systems

on Tue, 03/17/2015 - 21:10
Today we announced that we’re extending our partnership with SUSE to cover IBM Power Systems and there are good reasons to be excited about it. Before this, our partnership was primarily about bringing Hadoop to IBM’s z Systems mainframe and about moving data from z/OS into (almost) any flavor of Hadoop. But Power Systems was missing, and now it’s not.
We’ve certified Veristorm Data Hub (VDH) with SUSE Linux on IBM Power Systems built on the POWER8 architecture. This is open source Apache Hadoop, free to install and use. You can still use vStorm Enterprise (now running on Power) to move z/OS data into Hadoop, and now your choices of Hadoop include Power. You can even move new data sources into VDH, including Oracle and other Hadoop distributions.
The result is that you can keep your data within the IBM ecosystem and take advantage of some of the most exciting hardware around. Power Systems on POWER8 promises 4x to 8x performance gains over the previous generation in many areas and we’re working on benchmarks now to see how that plays out for Hadoop.
For Power Systems customers, we think this is a big move toward more open systems. With SUSE Linux and support for little-endian mode, the same mode used by x86_64 platforms, it should be easy to run existing Hadoop applications on Power.
Of course, the other part of this big move is that this is open source, Apache Hadoop. You can install it and use it for free, as a sandbox or in production, and without fear of lock-in. The Hadoop community is vibrant, and now it has a home on Power Systems.
“The partnership… complements SUSE's existing partnerships with leading Hadoop vendors, providing customers with the ability to move valuable mainframe data to Hadoop to reap the benefits of big data-related programs.” — Naji Almahmoud, head of global business development for SUSE.
You can read the full Press Release here.


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